Create your store locator


-Drag and drop your file (excel, json or csv) of your stores on the table below.

-Your stores file must have at least 3 columns (latitude, longitude and address).

Your stores file must have at least 3 columns (latitude, longitude and address).

Basic Options

Advanced options

Cluster your stores

Show Panel

Choose an icone for your stores

See below your map.

Create a Map

Copy your data

In 'Excel' open your store locations sheet. Three columns are required: address,
longitude and latitude. Longitude and latitudes are the spatial coordinates of each store.
If you do not have these details, contact us, and we will show you how to have them easily.
We have established a practical mechanism for collecting these data.
Copy your Excel data by selecting them (CTRL A) and
then press CTRL C on your keyboard. Paste these data into this table.


Click on your Excel file and drag it onto this table.

Validate and set options

Click on 'Validate and Set Options' to choose a title for your map, the column of your data storing the latitudes and the longitudes.

Make the same choice for the column of addresses and optionally the title column to give to each location in the panel to the left of the map.

Map your stores

Click on 'Create Your Map' to display your map! If you like your store locator map, contact us and we will publish it for you. You can then integrate it directly into your website.