Free Store Locator

Free Store Locator

Unlike Store Locator Pro, the Free Store Locator:

  • Uses map data from 'ESRI'.
  • Does not offer customization of icons or styles or beyond those used in our try it free web page.
  • Does not offer GPS tracking from 'Smartphone' or tablet devices.
  • Does not offer the possibility of keyword search (street, city, etc.).
  • Does not offer the possibility of directions from your position to that of chosen or nearest site.
  • Contains an advertising strip (to offset the cost of hosting).

How do I create my locator and integrate it into my website?

Just have a list of your stores and their latitude and longitude coordinates in an Excel document. For each store, it is necessary to have three information: address, latitude and longitude. It is better to have more information in order to display them in your locator. Examples: business hours, phone, email, site name. Here is a sample file including store data. Use sample file as an example to create your stores spreadsheet.

If you do not have the longitude and latitude coordinates of your store, this is not an issue. We have established a quick method to gather these information quickly. Simply contact us and we will help you produce these information.

Now that you have your Excel file from your stores with latitude and longitude coordinates and other attributes, let’s create a Store Locator.

  • Open your Stores Excel file
  • Select your data and type CTRL + C (to copy your data)
  • Go to our FREE Store locator creation web page.
  • Click on the first white cell (top left) in the example table, then type CTRL + V (to paste your data)
  • An alternative way to copy your data into the table is to simply click on your file and then drag it onto the table of the Store location creation web page.
  • Click on 'Validate and Define Options' to validate your data and possibly choose the names of the required columns: one for the latitudes, one for the longitudes and one for the addresses. We will try to detect these columns automatically, but you may have to choose them if they have not been detected.
  • Click on 'Create Your Map' and your Store Locator will appear at the bottom
  • Optionally you can customize your map by clicking on 'Advanced Options'.

Would you like to create a FREE locator? Contact us.

  • With your Excel file, you will produce your site locator and send you the .html code to integrate into your website. Here is the.html  code for the 'Poste Morocco' store locator map:
    <iframe frameborder="0" height="550" src=""></iframe>

In addition to Free Store Locator, we offer also a Professional Store Locator.