Store Locator Pro

Store Locator Pro

Why a Store Locator ?

  • Any visitor to your website can easily find the agency or point of sale closest to them.
  • Top-level quality reference map data
  • Custom icons displaying your logo and trademark.
  • Production of directions map to guide your customer easily to your agency or point of sale
  • Search function by key word: just start typing the name of a street, a city to have an instant list corresponding to the key word typed
  • Support for mobile devices:
    • Optimized for access from a Smartphone and a tablet
    • GPS position function used to show your location in real time in order to get to the closest store

How do I create my stores locator and integrate it into my website?

Just have a list of your stores with their latitude and longitude coordinates in an Excel spreadsheet.
For each store, it is necessary to have three information: address, latitude and longitude.
It is better to have more information in order to display them in your stores locator.
Examples: business hours, phone, email, store name. Here is a template of stores and their information. Use this template as an example to create your list of stores.

If you do not have the longitude and latitude coordinates of your stores, this is not a problem.
Contact us and we will produce these data quickly.

Now that you have your Excel spreadsheet listing your sites with latitude and longitude coordinates, let's create a stores Locator.

  • Open your Excel stores spreadsheet
  • Select your data (CTRL + A) and type CTRL + C (to copy your data)
  • Go to our store locator creation page
  • Click on the first white cell (top left) in the example table, then type CTRL + V (to paste your data)
  • An alternative way to copy your data into the table is to simply click on your file and then drag and drop it onto the table of the web page.
  • Click on 'Validate and Define Options' to validate your data and possibly choose the names of the required columns: one for the latitudes,
    one for the longitudes and one for the addresses. We will try to detect these columns automatically, but you may have to choose them if they have not been detected.
  • Click on 'Create Your Map' and your Stores Locator will appear at the bottom.
  • Optionally you can customize your map by clicking on 'Advanced Options'.

How to go from Excel to Stores Locator using advanced options?

Would you like to create a professional store locator with icons and custom styles not offered in the try it free page? Contact us.

  • Using your Excel file, we will produce your store locator and send you the .html code to integrate into your website.
    Here is the .html code for the 'New York Schools' locator:   iframe frameborder="0" height="550" src="" style="border:1px solid #aaa;" width="100%"></iframe>
  • Your website administrator will only add the above code to a web page of your website in order to display the site locator with the existing content of the web page.

We offer two paid plans to choose from:

  • Monthly plan: month by month payment without any commitment contract. The cost is 30$ per month.
  • Annual plan: annual payment. Renewable on annual basis. The cost is 300$ per year.